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“I had always seen real estate as something for me to do after I made it. John and his techniques opened my eyes to the possibilities of big opportunities with little capital. Finally a real person with real ideas that work. Thanks!”

– Claiborne Christian, Tampa, FL

About John AbbottHello, My name is John Abbott and I’ve studied the “secrets” of the real estate millionaires. I’ve spent thousands of dollars in books, tapes, courses, and in seminars. People like Mark Haroldsen, Robert Allen, Tom Vu, Dave Deldotto, and more. I’ve met and talked with these gentlemen (and others) and LEARNED TO APPLY THEIR “SECRETS!”. I bought my FIRST house with NO CASH, NO CREDIT, and NO JOB! Honestly, I did! Then I went on to buy 11 more the same way in about a 9 month period of time! AND NOW YOU CAN DO THE SAME THING! Whether you want a dozen houses or JUST ONE, I can teach you the “secrets” I learned to buy with NO MONEY, NO CREDIT, and even NO JOB!

Most people would agree that buying a house after getting fired from a low-paying job is just plain dumb. But real estate expert John Abbott’s life proves otherwise.

Here's what others are saying about John's program:
This program gave a real life application of how, just by taking some initiative, I can obtain financial gain and freedom by making the real estate industry work for me. I liked the attitude throughout the program of a “win / win” situation, in which both the seller and buyer come out on top.

– Caleb Buck, Tulsa, OK

John contends that anyone can take control of their financial future by following his tried and true methods. John will reveal to you:

  • How he bought 11 additional homes within nine months without cash, credit, or a job, and made enough money to change his life and pursue his dreams!
  • The ins and outs of starting with nothing to own income-producing real estate.
  • The secret of making money when interest rates are high, low or in between.
  • How and why the government turned him down for programs that were supposed to help, and how he persevered despite this.
  • That your fears of investing are preventing you from earning cold, hard cash — right now!
Here's what a Licensed Real Estate Agent had to say about John's program:
I have studied John’s program on real estate and found it interesting and very informative. Being a licensed real estate agent myself, I was impressed with his knowledge of all the ins and outs of financing and the pros and cons of the legal jargon.

While studying his info, I would find myself saying “I know this stuff. Why haven’t I put it to work for me?” John has a way of explaining and simplifying the selling and buying of real estate for personal profit.

Let him show you how to take charge of your life and become an independent real estate tycoon.

– Ellen Cowan, Silver Creek, GA

Here is a SAMPLE of the audio you will receive with this program.

I want to share my “Secrets of Real Estate Millionaires” with you. This information is PERFECT for a young newly-wed couple that wants to buy their FIRST house. It is also valuable for the person that wants to become a “real estate millionaire” by buying several houses with NO CASH and NO CREDIT!

You GET 8 audio lessons with my program.


You also GET complete transcripts of all audio lessons in PDF form.


That’s NOT ALL! You GET an action WORKBOOK that gives the simple steps to follow for the next 30 days to OWN your FIRST property.

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Secrets of Real Estate MillionairesI’ll rush you the information you need to get that FIRST house or a DOZEN houses! I want to help YOU improve YOUR life! Click on the ORDER button and you’ll receive “Secrets of Real Estate Millionaires” NOW! For JUST $47! Of course, I offer this with a complete money-back guarantee!

You’ll learn about Foreclosure Properties, How to Use Options, How to Use “Paper”, and I’ll show you over 20 ways to buy real estate with NO MONEY DOWN! I’ve done it and you can too!

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Here's what another person had to say about John's program:

Secrets of Real Estate Millionaires explains real estate strategies simply, so they don’t seem overwhelming.

I wanted my boyfriend, Chris, to get involved in Real Estate investing with me, but I couldn’t get him to slow down long enough to study any of my other Real Estate courses. But John’s program is concise and to the point, and after studying it, Chris is as excited about investing as I am!

– Renee Radovich, Georgia

Thank YOU for Reading This

It took me years to learn all the information I want to share with you. I’ve been to DOZENS of SEMINARS and spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to learn this “INSIDE” INFORMATION!

I don’t want to BORE you with endless real estate terms and the “NORMAL” way of doing things! I want to show you how YOU can BUY THOUSANDS of DOLLARS WORTH of INCOME-PRODUCING REAL ESTATE WITHOUT CASH, CREDIT, OR EVEN A JOB!

I KNOW because I’VE DONE IT! And I’ll show YOU, step-by-step how YOU can DO IT too!
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Here's even more praise about John's program:

John, your program convinced me that anybody can make money in real estate. I especially admired your honesty in telling how you did your first deals. A great value!

– Ray Liem, Canada


John Abbott

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